School Supply List for Lycee Al-Horyya – المستلزمات المدرسية

📚 School Supply List for Lycee Al-Horyya –  📚 المستلزمات المدرسية 82 شارع العروبة- ألماظة

Dear Parents and Students of Lycee Al-Horyya,

As we prepare for the upcoming year, we are delighted to provide you with the school supply list to ensure a smooth start. Our priority is to equip our students with the necessary tools to excel in their studies and make learning a fulfilling experience.

To access the school supply list, please fill out the form or contact us by Whatsapp. Our team will process your request promptly, and you will receive the supply list directly.

📝 Request “Maadi İnternational English School”  Supply List 📝 

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Supply List May Include:

  1. Notebooks (spiral-bound or composition)
  2. Loose-leaf paper or notepads
  3. Pens (blue, black, and red)
  4. Pencils (with erasers)
  5. Highlighters (multiple colors)
  6. Colored pencils or markers
  7. Crayons (for younger students)
  8. Glue sticks or liquid glue
  9. Scissors
  10. Ruler (metric and standard)
  11. Pencil case or pouch
  12. Erasers (both pencil-top and standalone)
  13. Pencil sharpener
  14. Backpack or school bag
  15. Calculator (scientific or graphing, depending on grade)
  16. Geometry set (for older students)
  17. Protractor and compass (for older students)
  18. Binders or folders (for organizing papers)
  19. Index cards (for making flashcards)
  20. Sticky notes
  21. Dry-erase markers and whiteboard (if required by the school)
  22. Graph paper (for math classes)
  23. Water bottle
  24. Lunch box (if not provided by the school)
  25. Headphones or earbuds (for computer-based activities)

Wishing you a successful and rewarding academic year ahead!

Related questions:

  1. Question: How can I get the school supply list for “Lycee Al-Horyya”? Answer: To access the supply list, please fill out the form or contact us via Whatsapp at 01090094039. Our team will promptly process your request and send you the supply list directly.
  2. Question: What are some of the essential items that may be included in the supply list? Answer: Some of the essential items that may be included in the supply list are notebooks (spiral-bound or composition), loose-leaf paper, pens (blue, black, and red), pencils (with erasers), highlighters (multiple colors), colored pencils or markers, glue sticks or liquid glue, scissors, ruler (metric and standard), pencil case or pouch, and more.
  3. Question: Are there any specific supplies required for older students? Answer: Yes, for older students, a geometry set, protractor, and compass may be required, depending on their grade level.
  4. Question: Is a backpack or school bag necessary for students? Answer: Yes, a backpack or school bag is recommended to help students carry their school supplies conveniently.
  5. Question: Are dry-erase markers and a whiteboard needed for school? Answer: Dry-erase markers and a whiteboard may be required by the school for certain activities or classes. Please check the supply list for more details.

Please note that the actual school supply list may vary and should be obtained directly from “Lycee Al-Horyya ” by using the provided contact information.